Major Tom & the Moonboys

RIP Butch Trucks


Whoa...sad.  I was the first musician to record in Butch's studio in Tallahassee, FL. He was still wiring up the mixing board while I was singing my vocals to "The Metropolis".

My First Time


It seemed so dark and mysterious to me at first--the black and white cover (U.S. release) portending mystery and a bit of danger, "forbidden" topics and thoughts; but the more I listened, the more I was enthralled.  Never had I heard such strange and evocative lyrics, music and production, which somehow, even at that young, I related to.

Assembling The Crew


My vision was to have a band that would be exciting musically to see/hear on its own merits regardless of the source material (with original songs also in the offing down the road a bit); a great band that just happens now to be playing great music written by David Bowie.

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