Major Tom & the Moonboys

Assembling The Crew

In the heat of middle summer 2015, for the first time in a long time, I decided to go a large family reunion on my mother's side--a very musical family.  My cousin Brady was there.  He is great guy and an excellent bassist having played in a number of local, premier bands (jazz, blues, rock, pop).  I've "hired" him to play on various original songs of mine, recorded over the years, the last one being "Transhuman Psychotronic" in 2009.

Anyway, at that reunion, Brady and I talked about getting some kind of act together to do a kind of Bowie tribute once he freed up after the new year in 2016. 

As most everyone knows, Bowie's album "Blackstar" came out on his birthday, January 8th, 2016, and two days later he died.  The day following his death, (on Monday, Jan. 11th)  my son Jackson called and asked if I would join him to sing "Heroes" at a gig he happened to have that night at "Velour Live Music Gallery" in Provo, Utah, in tribute to Bowie.  (My son Jackson has a very popular local band called "Westward The Tide".)

Well, it had been about 6 years since I'd played or sung live, and I was rusty, but I couldn't pass up the invitation--first of all because of the chance to join my son on stage for the first time and because Bowie meant so much to me and my family in terms of music and art.  (Myself, I've been an avid Bowie fan since 5th grade circa 1975.) 

The performance went well and fired me up to get going on the "Bowie" band with Brady.  From that point on, things moved fast!  By March 16th, the night of our first rehearsal together I had assembled a band that is easily the most talented and experienced group I've ever worked with!  I have long read about, and always wanted to experience myself, that iconic moment when a group of musicians first get together and it is instantly apparent that "something special" has been formed.  I felt this the first time we played together and it's only been confirmed time and time again ever since!  These musicians' combined influences of blues, "prog rock", jazz, pop and straight ahead rock'n'roll have proven the perfect foil to address the many similar influences and styles that run the gamut through David Bowie's musical catalogue. 

The goal was to cover not just the known "hits" of Bowie but to also dig deep into his vast body of work, beginning with his spacey, folksy start on through the "glitter" period, funk, electronic and latest jazz shaded tunes . . . which we've quite ably done I dare say. . . .

My vision was to have a band that would be exciting musically to see/hear on its own merits regardless of the source material (with original songs also in the offing down the road a bit); a great band that just happens now to be playing great music written by David Bowie.






This is fantastic Tom. You have started something very special here and I am proud to be a part of your dream. Nice job Man !!!

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