Major Tom & the Moonboys

RIP Butch Trucks

Whoa... sad. I was the first musician to record in Butch's studio in Tallahassee, FL. He was still wiring up the mixing board while I was singing my vocals to "The Metropolis". (Went by "T-Ray" at the time)....Oddly, he didn't have a car at the time and I use to drive him home after recording. Got to meet Dicky Betts when he recorded there as well. He and his band use to bring their bows and go wild boar hunting in the woods on breaks....I was in awe.... I remember bringing up my fondness of Neil Young, lol ...and quickly regretting it.... I remember talking to little Derek Trucks out front when he was hanging around--just a kid.... Who woulda knew what a monster guitarist/artist HE'D turn out to be!? Anyway, man, the rockers are fading away:(....69...."Time, he's waiting in the wings...." Butch was a sweet guy and was always good to me.... RIP BT....ramblin man....

"The Metropolis" .... the first song I recorded at Butch's studio... I was thrilled that he was impressed that I could do my vocals in unison in a single take.... Seeing the legend behind the glass was a thrill as well.... Good times...

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