BOWIENEXT FILM aired June 13th RAI5 Italian TV:  (Features video of Major Tom & The Moonboys performing live David Bowie's song "Lazarus".  

The Daily Herald, Provo Utah


--Jessie Walker (New City Movement" Culture Magazine): "Major Tom not only sounds amazingly just like Bowie but also carries off Bowie's mannerisms, look and style with startling accuracy, backed by a top notch, professional band of musicians who likewise capture the "Bowie" sound.  Lead singer Tom Larsen's Bowie-esque affect and vocal talents are uncannily close to the real thing."  

--Randy Harward(Music Editor, Salt Lake City Weekly):  "'Major Tom' Larsen makes an impressive Thin White Duke, nailing the look and the sound!"  

--Carolyn Von Rahl (Bowie fan Club): "You have the ability to emulate David so well Tom. Your voice, mannerisms and look take me there! Not many can do that. Just awesome!!!"  --

--Dean Ledger: (On MT&TM "Let's Dance" post): "Fantastic, best version. This is similar to the pre Nile Rogers production which probably wouldn't have been commercially viable, but was so much more Bowie. I loved his request to Nile; "I want the same, but different" cool Bowieism. 
You guys are extremely talented and I wish we could experience your show here in the UK. 
Mind blowing and 100% accurate. I've seen a few Bowie tribute acts but this is the best. As good as Ben Portsmouth's "Elvis" and he's now doing Las Vegas!" 

--Sharon Fraser (CEO Bowie Fans New Zealand/Worldwide): "Would be great to see you play in a show. You should think about visiting New Zealand and doing a few gigs :-) Do you have a manager?" 

--Peter Gilmartin: (on MT&TM "Star" post): "Proud you represent bowie in such a professional way thank you and keep up the great work to you and your band." 

--Elizabeth Kemble (CEO at Travellati, specializes in European "Bowie tours"):  "Wow, fabulous Tom! I like how you don't copy Bowie's performances exactly but reinterpret them as though he were doing them live again for the first time. It gives a freshness to the songs -- and your performance. Love on 'ya!!!!" 

SALT LAKE CITY WEEKLY Magazine: Major Tom & the Moonboys (David Bowie tribute)  

"A David Bowie tribute in Sugar House's Fairmont Park? During a farmers market? It sounds a bit silly, in spite of the hipster neighborhood and event—but what would you rather listen to while picking out produce? Elevator music? That ridiculous, ubiquitous "Safe and Sound" song? I'd much rather hear Tom Larsen and his band doing a set of Bowie's deep cuts, like "Janine," "Black Country Rock" and "Speed of Life." Why deep cuts, when most tributes focus on hits? "I really designed the band for the deeper Bowie fan, like me," says "Major" Tom Larsen via email. "They know and love the rarely played songs." Larsen sees MT&TM more as a cover band than a tribute. "I'm interested in playing Bowie's best music, which wasn't necessarily only the hits." Larsen does perform standards like "Fame," "Heroes" and even an unusual extended version of "Let's Dance" from Live at the BBC (2000). More importantly, he makes an impressive Thin White Duke, nailing the look and the sound."